March 18th, 2019
Incident Report, PakistanMarch 18th, 2019

INCIDENTS REPORT – 2 Ahmadi Muslim doctors abducted and murdered in Pakistan

Mr Aziz Ahmed Tahir and a Dr Iftikhar Ahmad have been found dead near Fatehjang in Pakistan after they were kidnapped on 13thMarch.

It is reported that both were forced to sign a stamp paper of land possession by the land caretaker of Dr Iftikhar. Dr Iftikhar is a USA national and Mr Aziz Ahmed Tahir is a resident of Islamabad and a Homeopathic doctor by profession.

The International Human Rights Committee strongly condemns the rise, in target killing and persecution of Ahmadi Muslims, mainly in the province of Punjab in Pakistan. IHRC also urges the Government of Pakistan to protect its citizens, uphold and safeguard the fundamental right of freedom of religion.


In 1974 Prime Minister Bhutto enacted an amendment to the constitution declaring Ahmadis to be non-Muslims. In the 1980s, measures brought in by Zia-ul-Haq to Islamicise Pakistan’s civil and criminal law. It became a criminal offence for Ahmadis to call themselves or ‘pose’ as Muslims. Any such crime would face 3 years’ imprisonment, or if dealt with under the blasphemy laws it could result in death. Since then, many Ahmadi Muslims have been killed and persecuted.