July 12th, 2021
Pakistan, Press ReleaseJuly 12th, 2021


It is devastating for us to share this horrifying news with you that as a result of concerted hate campaigns against members of the Ahmadiyya community throughout Pakistan the mullahs and their accomplices are out campaigning and inciting people to kill Ahmadis without any restrain. Ahmadis, on account of their faith, belief and practice have not only been declared non-Muslims under the government legislation, but they are brutally persecuted, tortured and killed in the name of religion. Just on Wednesday August 12th 2020, a 61 year old Ahmadi Meraj Ahmad was shot dead by religious fanatics. He had received threats in the recent past and was told to give up his faith or face death. There was hostile propaganda against him on the Facebook. This matter was reported to the police and other law-enforcement agencies, but it was all ignored and even after his murder, no serious action has been taken so far.

During the same week, another Ahmadi Sheikh Nasir Ahmad was shot in Lala Musa, district Gujrat by unidentified attackers. He was known as a very kind and helpful person in the area where he lived. He was walking home from the market when he was hit four times and the attackers fled from the scene of crime. He was taken to a hospital where he is reported to have received life-threatening injuries.

A few days earlier another person Tahir Naseem, an American citizen, who was facing blasphemy charges was murdered in a courtroom in Peshawar in the presence of the Judge. The murderer is being hailed in Pakistan as an Islamic hero and he openly announced that he has killed a “Qadiani” (Ahmadi).

In this age and time, when the whole world is focusing on better standards of Human Rights and religious freedom it is unacceptable of a country professing to be a democracy to be an accomplice in the murder of a peaceful and law-abiding community on the basis of their faith, belief and practice. Ahmadis remain vulnerable in every corner of Pakistan and the government of Pakistan is shamefully failing in their duty to curb hate mongering and torturous persecution of Ahmadis. Both the Police and Judiciary completely ignore such criminal cases against Ahmadis and in fact embolden extremist elements and legitimise their ferocious acts against Ahmadis which in several instances leads to the murder of members of the Ahmadiyya community in Pakistan.

Once again, we urge the international community to take up these issues seriously with the government of Pakistan and urge the government to honour their responsibilities towards their citizens and bring this blood bath of Ahmadis in Pakistan to an end.