August 2nd, 2021
Pakistan, Press ReleaseAugust 2nd, 2021


Intolerance, hatred and bigotry towards Ahmadis is not a new phenomenon in Pakistan and in every walk of life we may observe the marginalisation of Ahmadis only because of their religious beliefs.

Through this press release we want to highlight a fresh incident of prejudice against Ahmadis, which occurred in Mianwali District of Punjab.

It has been reported that a few days ago a qualified Ahmadi Public Official was appointed as Chief Officer in Municipal Committee, Mianwali but before his taking over charge of his post a malicious campaign spearheaded by Jamiat Ulema-e- Islam (JUI), Mianwali, which clearly demanded that the appointment is unacceptable and will create a law and order situation (leaflet clipping enclosed below); and more importantly supported by the local chapter of ruling party Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) was started against the said Ahmadi official calling him a blasphemer and disloyal. As per the media report (clipping enclosed below) it appears that the District President of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Women Wing, Mianwali and Member Bait ul Maal, Punjab successfully approached Mr. Ahmad Khan Bhutcher, Parliamentary Secretary of Local Governments and Community Development with a demand to get the order of appointment of Ahmadi Official cancelled.

As per the report the President of Women Wing of PTI has applauded the action of Parliamentary Secretary by calling him a true lover of the Holy Prophet (PBUH) and thanking him for removing a blasphemer from an important government position.
This incident is another manifestation of hatred prevalent in the society against Ahmadis who are being deprived of their rights, just because of the fact that the majority is not happy with their religious beliefs.

We urge you to call on the Pakistan government to ensure that the rights of the beleaguered Ahmadiyya Muslim Community are protected and their right to worship and practice their faith and to take up any profession is guaranteed. The Government of Pakistan must act immediately and punish these culprits to save the image of Islam and the image of their own country, which they profess to be an Islamic democratic state. Most importantly, the Government of Pakistan should ensure that all citizens enjoy freedom of religion and equal citizen rights as stipulated in the Constitution of Pakistan Article 20 and United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights Article 2, 18.



Faqeer Abu Alsaad Khalil Ahmad Afaa Anho


Khanqah Sirajia


Naqshbandia Mujadadia


Kundian, District Mianwali



Postcode: 42050

Phone: 0300-6091121

In the Name of Allah, The Gracious, the merciful

Statement of Condemnation

It has come to our knowledge through credible sources that a known Qadiani Shaukat Hayat Majoka has been appointed Tehsil Chief Officer for district Mianwali through Notice number: Lcs (ADMN) 1 (309)/99.

This act is unbearable and cause of agitation among the Muslims of Pakistan and specially citizens of Mianwali. It is known from his record that he uses his powers and influence to propogate Qadianiat, as well as against Islam. These unethical and unconstitutional activities is the reason he was transferred from MC Chakwal and MC Fatah Jang. The appointment of this person in Mianwali is unbearable.

All schools of life in Mianwali, be it religious, political, or public are appealed to understand the sensitivity of the matter and help undo this appointment. The district authorities are requested that peace and religious harmony in the district are exemplary. This decision threatens this pleasant environment. So, for the religious honour and the honour of The Holy Prophet (PBUH) and to maintain the law and order, this decree should be reconsidered immediately and a law abiding and a patriot to the Islamic Republic of Pakistan should be designated.


Faqeer Abu Alsaad Khalil Ahmad Afaa Anho

Sajada Nasheen Khanqah Sirajia Naqshbandia Mujadadia Kundian district Mianwali

Head incharge Jamiat Ulema Pakistan

24 July 2021



(The Daily Ausaf, Lahore – July 28, 2021)

Appointment of Qadiani officer on important positions is worrisome

Ahmad Khan Bhutcher is kind enough to get the appointment orders of a Qadiani officer in Municipal Committee, Miamwali cancelled

Ahmad Khan Bhutcher, Parliamentary Secretary of Local Governments and Community Development has extended a great favour to the people of Mianwali by getting the appointment orders of a Qadiani as Chief Officer of Municipal Committee, Mianwali cancelled. Through his actions he has not only proved himself to be a true lover of Holy Prophet (PBUH) rather he has successfully taken care of the deteriorating law and order situation of the District. These remarks were made by the District President of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf Women Wing, Mianwali and Member Bait ul Maal, Punjab while addressing the media. She said that appointment of such like (Qadiani) persons on important positions is worrisome and no one from Mianwali would allow the appointment of such a dubious person, a blasphemer on any position in Mianwali. She further said that she is thankful to all the segments of society viz political/religious parties as well as civil society who protested against the appointment of Qadiani officer in Municipal Committee, Mianwali which protest was taken note of by Ahmad Khan Bhutcher and in order to avoid any law-and-order situation of the District he got the orders of appointment cancelled.