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INCIDENTS REPORT – 2 Ahmadi Muslim doctors abducted and murdered in Pakistan

INCIDENT REPORT - Download PDF Mr Aziz Ahmed Tahir and a Dr Iftikhar Ahmad have been found dead near Fatehjang in Pakistan after they were kidnapped on 13thMarch. It is reported that both were forced to sign a stamp paper of land possession by the land caretaker of Dr Iftikhar. Dr Iftikhar is a [...]

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INCIDENT REPORT - Download PDF Provincial Minister for Religious Affairs warns that he will personally strangle any Ahmadi Muslim who distributes a copy of the Holy Quran  On 22nd January 2018 in a live Urdu current affairs show on Channel 24, the Chairman of the Pakistan Ulema Council Mr Tahir Ashrafi demanded a ban [...]

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INCIDENT REPORT - Download PDF Bigotry, hatred and extremist speech used by PML-N member in National Assembly 3 Ahmadis sentenced to death for blasphemy On 10 October 2017, Captain Safdar, (who is the former Prime Minister’s son-in-law), a member of the Pakistan National Assembly lashed out against the already persecuted Ahmadiyya Muslim Community. In [...]

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62-year-old member of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community, Mr Basharat Ahmad killed because of his faith

On 3rd May 2017, another Ahmadi Muslim, Mr Basharat Ahmad from Khanpur, district Rahimyar Khan (Pakistan) was shot dead because of his faith. Mr Basharat Ahmad was on his way home from his petrol station, when unknown gunmen shot him at point blank range. He died on the spot. He was 62-year-old and has left his widow and 3 [...]

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Female Ahmadi Muslim professor found murdered

A member of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community — this time a woman, a retired assistant professor of molecular genetics at Punjab University — was found murdered in her house on 14th April 2017. Professor Tahira Malik was found dead at her residence on the premises of the university. Her throat had been slit. Officials from the local [...]

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Another Ahmadi Muslim, Dr Ashfaq Ahmad victim of target killing in Lahore

Today, on 7th April an Ahmadi Muslim Doctor, Mr Ashfaq Ahmad was killed in Sabzazar, Lahore. He was on his way to offer Friday prayers with his grandson and another person. When his car slowed down, a person wearing a helmet approached him on his bike and shot him. He died on the spot. The other 2 persons [...]

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