IHRC is horrified to bring to your notice the barbaric murder of a 31 year old Ahmadi doctor Tahir Ahmad. Dr Tahir along with his family was attending the Friday service in the private residence of a member of the community in ‘Murh Balochan’, District Nankana, Punjab, Pakistan.

As he was coming out of the house after the service with his father and two uncles, a teenager shot at them. Dr Tahir died on the spot while three others accompanying him were seriously injured. Dr Tahir’s father Tariq Ahmad is in a critical condition in hospital. The other two badly injured are receiving treatment in hospital.

This is 5th Ahmadi to be killed because of his faith just this year and 4th Ahmadi in just 4 months. This year anti Ahmadiyya groups in Pakistan have intensified their malicious hatred campaign against Ahmadis on account of their faith and belief. Ahmadis under the laws of the country are completely deprived their civic rights, freedom of religion and practice. The public is incited particularly the youth to kill Ahmadis to win a place in paradise.

 We call on the world community in the hope that it will take a stern view of these horrific acts of barbarism in Pakistan and confront the Government of Pakistan to assure the safety and security of law abiding and peace-loving Ahmadi citizens, who should get the same rights and protection as any other citizen of Pakistan.