July 12th, 2021
Incident Report, PakistanJuly 12th, 2021


Two Christian nurses in Pakistan have been charged with blasphemy because one of them was accused of destroying a sticker on a notice which might have contained a Verse of the Holy Quran.  Pakistan has statutes targeting people of other faiths and Muslim sects.  Any person with a personal grudge can falsely complain against such persons with a complaint which often leads to imprisonment or execution.  This is exactly what happened to those two nurses.

Pakistan is constantly guilty of such unprovoked attacks on minorities such as Muslims of the Ahmadiyya Muslim sect and Christians in recent times.  Any individual can initiate legal process which can be extremely harmful.  The two nurses have been imprisoned allegedly “for their own protection” from the mobs incited by clerics but their location is not fully known.

Blasphemy case has been registered against the two Christian nurses in Faisalabad and the International Human Rights Committee is fearful of the punishment that might be given to them.  Nurses have not admitted any wrong-doing at all.

Pakistan was created for the protection of minority faiths by its founder, Muhammad Ali Jinnah, but the country does not seem to be following those ideals anymore. Therefore, the international community is urged to seek quick justice and get the accused acquitted, as soon as possible, if they are not guilty. Pakistani government is as well urged to bring new legislation to stop the ongoing blatant misuse of the blasphemy law.