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28 October 2021



Intolerance, hatred and bigotry towards Ahmadis is not a new phenomenon in Pakistan and in every walk of life we may observe the marginalisation of Ahmadis only because of their religious beliefs.

Through this press brief we want to highlight a series of incidents of prejudice against Ahmadis across Pakistan that force Ahmadis to flee from serving the nation, hence unfortunately serving the nation becomes a sin for Ahmadis in Pakistan.


We sadly highlight another incident of prejudice against Ahmadis, which occurred in Mianwali District of Punjab.

Malik Shaukat Hayat Majoka of Khushab belongs to the Ahmadiyya Community. He has been serving in different capacities and places as Tehsil Municipal Officer (TMO) and on various other designations since 1993. For being an Ahmadi, he has been facing persecution and opposition from different religious bodies since 2013. This has been used as an excuse to station him elsewhere to various places.

In 2014, he was posted at Bhakar. An individual who goes by the name of Zebar opposed him and he was transferred to Khanewal. A group started protesting against this relocation, took out a procession and tried to break into his office. Luckily, he was away. He was then transferred to Raheem Yar Khan. A councilor, Abdul Waheed, instigated the Nazim against him.

He was posted at Chakwal. Iftikhar Ahmad, the former TMO started a campaign against him and had him transferred again. Henceforth, he was stationed at Fatah Jung, Jund, Pindi Khep. Tehreek e Labaik Ya Rasullallah petitioned against him before Chief Secretary Punjab. On the grounds of him being an Ahmadi, they asked the Secretary to cancel his transfer. They met local government secretary in Lahore and had his transfer cancelled.

Malik Hayat Majoka was then transferred to Noorpoor Thal, Khushab. Here, a few years ago, the opponents had raised false allegations against an Ahmadi doctor serving as the in charge of a Tehsil hospital and filed a lawsuit against him. Likewise, they started the same campaign against him and Malik Hayat Majoka failed to join here as well.

He was then transferred to Mianwali. Under the supervision of Malik Ahmad Khan Phachar, a campaign was started to malign him alleging that he was a missionary of the Qadiani Group and his interviews are published on their channel. Even before his taking over charge of his post a malicious campaign spearheaded by Jamiat Ulema-e- Islam (JUI), Mianwali, which clearly demanded that the appointment is unacceptable and will create a law and order situation (leaflet clipping enclosed below); and more importantly supported by the local chapter of ruling party Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) was started against the said Ahmadi official calling him a blasphemer and disloyal. As per the media report (clipping enclosed below) it appears that the District President of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Women Wing, Mianwali and Member Bait ul Maal, Punjab successfully approached Mr. Ahmad Khan Bhutcher, Parliamentary Secretary of Local Governments and Community Development with a demand to get the order of appointment of Ahmadi Official cancelled.

As per the report the President of Women Wing of PTI has applauded the action of Parliamentary Secretary by calling him a true lover of the Holy Prophet (PBUH) and thanking him for removing a blasphemer from an important government position.

This incident is another manifestation of hatred prevalent in the society against Ahmadis who are being deprived of their rights, just because of the fact that the majority is not happy with their religious beliefs.

His transfer was cancelled and was asked to go for a leave for a [undisclosed] period of time.

Subsequently on August 13, 2021 he was posted at Rawalpindi. The day he went to report to DC and let him know he was about to join, a group of Clerics were gathered there to file a petition against his transfer. However, DC accepted his transfer and as of now he has been stationed there. Action Committee Khatm e Nabuwat has been preparing banners to defame him and gather a procession against him. They have declared to take out a procession to protest his transfer on August 20th and to deliver a sermon for this cause.

Consequently, he was transferred to Lahore on August 25.

Note: Attached to this are the copies of the banners, advertisements, news articles and social media posts against him.




Faqeer Abu Alsaad Khalil Ahmad Afaa Anho


Khanqah Sirajia


Naqshbandia Mujadadia


Kundian, District Mianwali



Postcode: 42050

Phone: 0300-6091121

In the Name of Allah, The Gracious, the merciful

Statement of Condemnation

It has come to our knowledge through credible sources that a known Qadiani Shaukat Hayat Majoka has been appointed Tehsil Chief Officer for district Mianwali through Notice number: Lcs (ADMN) 1 (309)/99.

This act is unbearable and cause of agitation among the Muslims of Pakistan and specially citizens of Mianwali. It is known from his record that he uses his powers and influence to propogate Qadianiat, as well as against Islam. These unethical and unconstitutional activities is the reason he was transferred from MC Chakwal and MC Fatah Jang. The appointment of this person in Mianwali is unbearable.

All schools of life in Mianwali, be it religious, political, or public are appealed to understand the sensitivity of the matter and help undo this appointment. The district authorities are requested that peace and religious harmony in the district are exemplary. This decision threatens this pleasant environment. So, for the religious honour and the honour of The Holy Prophet (PBUH) and to maintain the law and order, this decree should be reconsidered immediately and a law abiding and a patriot to the Islamic Republic of Pakistan should be designated.


Faqeer Abu Alsaad Khalil Ahmad Afaa Anho

Sajada Nasheen Khanqah Sirajia Naqshbandia Mujadadia Kundian district Mianwali

Head incharge Jamiat Ulema Pakistan

24 July 2021




(The Daily Ausaf, Lahore – July 28, 2021)


Appointment of Qadiani officer on important positions is worrisome

Ahmad Khan Bhutcher is kind enough to get the appointment orders of a Qadiani officer in Municipal Committee, Miamwali cancelled

Ahmad Khan Bhutcher, Parliamentary Secretary of Local Governments and Community Development has extended a great favour to the people of Mianwali by getting the appointment orders of a Qadiani as Chief Officer of Municipal Committee, Mianwali cancelled. Through his actions he has not only proved himself to be a true lover of Holy Prophet (PBUH) rather he has successfully taken care of the deteriorating law and order situation of the District. These remarks were made by the District President of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf Women Wing, Mianwali and Member Bait ul Maal, Punjab while addressing the media. She said that appointment of such like (Qadiani) persons on important positions is worrisome and no one from Mianwali would allow the appointment of such a dubious person, a blasphemer on any position in Mianwali. She further said that she is thankful to all the segments of society viz political/religious parties as well as civil society who protested against the appointment of Qadiani officer in Municipal Committee, Mianwali which protest was taken note of by Ahmad Khan Bhutcher and in order to avoid any law-and-order situation of the District he got the orders of appointment cancelled.



For the review of honorable Deputy Commissioner, district Lodhran

Unanimous resolution

An important meeting of the Central Body of businessmen held today on 14th October 2021. All officials launched strong appeal to district administration to transfer Dr Wasim Qadiani who is serving as SMO at THQ Hospital, Kahror Paka. Devotees to khatm e Nabuwat, local residents, civil society and members of business association are in great discomfort because of the appointment of Qadiani doctor. Shutterdown strike and protest are on the cards in the presence of denier of khatm e Nabuwat. Therefore, it is requested to the DC Lodhran to bring this appointment in the notice of key officials of Health department so that they can issue urgent notification of transfer of Qadinai doctor.


Officials of all associations for businessemen, kahror Paka, district Lodhran




Rally for protest

Tehsil Rawalpindi Office (at district court) a certified Qadiani missionary Shaukat Hayat majoka, who has been transferred from several tehsils of Punjab due to honorable Muslims. Dated 13 August 2021 was appointed Tehsil chief officer Rawalpindi. Due to this all of the honorable Muslims are protest personified. To protest this appointment on 20 August after Juma prayers we would launch protestive rallies. so that this nonbeliever of Khatm e Nabuwat can be removed from here. It is required of all tha Muslims and especially from the leaders and speakers that on 20 August in the Friday sermons inform the muslims about the dangerous beliefs of Qadianies and their anti-Islam and anti-country activities and to have this Qadiani removed please lead the protests. If this officer is not removed then on Friday, honorable Muslims from every council will protest in court roundabout and have our demand fulfilled.


Action Committee tehsil Rawalpindi

Tahaffuz Khatm e nabuwat

0315 5251365



Dignified Muslims of Mianwali must pay attention!

A Qadiani officer 17-BPS has been appointed in Tehsil Council Mianwali on 16th July 2021 whose name is Shoukat Hayat Majoka. He will take over his charge on 25 July 2021 in Tehsil office Mianwali. He is a very active and leading preacher of Qadianis. His interviews are shown on their famous tv channel MTA. He was first appointed in Chakwal then in Nurpoor Thal District Khoshab. Then he was appointed in Fatehjung District Attock. He was transferred from everywhere due to the protests held by the  protectors of Khatm e Nabuwat. He started preaching the teachings of Qadianiyat in Fatehjung District Attock because of this people there strongly demanded his transfer and now he’s here in Mianwali.

We also appeal to all protectors of the honor of our beloved Prophet Muhammad PBUH to stop the appointment of this Qadiani officer. We make an appeal to DC Mianwali and DPO Mianwali and concerned authorities to take immediate action to stop this appointment. We do not want to disturb the law and order situation here in our city. You must know that Qadianis are disdainful and deniers of Holy Prophet Muhammad PBUH. They have been declared as non Muslims and apostate. We will not bear any denier of our prophet and an apostate in our city.

Courtesy of

Sahibzada Saeed Ahmad Khankah Sirajia vice president Jameet Ullama e Islam Punjab

sahibzada Najib Ahmad Khankah Sirajia district president international majlis Khatm e Nabuwat Mianwali.


Shaukat Hayat is unacceptable, Shaukat Hayat is unacceptable, Shaukat Hayat is unacceptable.

Chief Officer district Khushab Qadiani Shaukat Hayat Majoka must be dismissed immediately. Qadianis are traitors to Islam and our country.

Jameet Ullama e Islam and International Majlis Khatm e Nabuwat, City Johrabad


Newly appointed CEO Health Chakwal Dr. Waseem Ahmed has been removed from his post, for being an Ahmadi. Dr. Waseem Ahmad was appointed as CEO Health, Chakwal on 20th of August 2021 who assumed charge of this post on 24th of August, 2021.

Right after his assumption of charge a well-planned hate campaign was started against him in which, not only the religious organizations but also the local media outlets and lawyers’ associations played their active part and a unanimous demand of removal of Dr. Waseem Ahmad was made to the Health Care Department of Government of the Punjab just because of his belief.

Intolerance and hatred towards Ahmadis in Pakistan are nothing new rather it has a history spread over decades which is gaining momentum day by day under the State supervision. Systematic marginalization of Ahmadis in all walks of life, because of their religious beliefs is not considered condemnable and Ahmadis are being treated as such a class which has no basic human rights and a recent incident in District Chakwal has proven these facts.

It has also been reported that local Member Provincial Assembly and Minister in Government of the Punjab, Hafiz Ammar Yasir raised this issue before the Speaker Punjab Assembly Ch. Pervaiz Elahi who approached the Provincial Health Minister Dr. Yasmin Rashid and asked her to remove Dr. Waseem Ahmad from the position of CEO Health, Chakwal whereafter the Ahmadi public official was transferred from this post just after few days of his appointment.

This incident is another evidence of the hatred prevalent in the society against Ahmadis who are being denied of their rights just because of the fact that the majority is not happy with their religious beliefs.



An Ahmadi, Mr. Ali Naseer Amini was appointed as Deputy Director LG&AC Attock, but was cancelled on the protests of the local clerics. They gave ultimatum of three days for the cancellation of his appointment, consequently his appointment was cancelled/withdrawn on September 2, 2021.



On the appointment of a “Qadiani” officer in district Attock, religious clerics and leaders have raised their voices, and have given an ultimatum of three days (for his removal).

The appointment of the Qadiani officer is an effort to destroy peace.


First appointed in Hasan Abdal and now the head of the whole district?

An extremist Qadiani from Rawalpindi has been appointed as Deputy Director Local Government, Attock.

– Attock News TV


Ms. Atia tul Naseer Nabeel has been teaching here in “The Rise International School” for the past eight years. For the past three years, she was ap- pointed as the Coordinator of the Junior School.

She was promoted as Head of the Junior Campus in May 2021 for excellent performance and was given a separate office. She was accorded respect and appreciation, and her faith was not held against her.

On August 5, 2021, a man came to her office, misbehaved with her and threatened her of expulsion from the school. She complained against him to the CEO who sent for him. He objected that a Qadiani had been given a supervising position.

He threatened the CEO as well as Ms. Nabeel. He knew all the details of her house and family. Afterwards, he told the CEO about her sister’s details who had been teaching in another school around 14 years ago and is now residing in Germany, and threatened him of consequences.

Afterwards, the CEO called her, fired her from the job and told her that he was helpless and advised her to remain underground for 3 months and not contact him. She is mentally very disturbed.

The matter of the fact is that there is alarming increase in hate campaign activities against the Ahmadiyya community in Pakistan. Threats and attempts to kill Ahmadis have been on the increase almost in every part of Pakistan of which the government hardly takes any notice.

These constant stalking, harassments, threats have created a sense of deep insecurity amongst members of the community while the Ahmadis everywhere in Pakistan are living in a deep atmosphere of fear.

We keep the world community informed in the hope that it will take a stern view of these horrific acts of barbarism in Pakistan and assure the safety and security of law abiding and peace-loving members of the Ahmadiyya Community in Pakistan.

On July 13, 2021, UN human rights experts expressed their deep concern over the lack of attention to the serious human rights violations perpetrated against the Ahmadiyya community around the world and called on the international community to step up efforts in bringing an end to the ongoing persecution of Ahmadis.

We strongly urge the international community to impress upon the Government of Pakistan to honour its responsibility to provide effective protection and freedom of religious practice to Ahmadis and that perpetrators of such vicious attacks should be brought to justice, to bring its laws and practices in conformity with international standards as ordained by Article 20 and United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights Article 2, 18 and the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (ICCPR) Article 25, 26.