About The International Human Rights Committee

We are a non-profit and non-governmental organisation focusing on freedom of religion or belief. The IHRC has specific expertise and experience of working with marginalised religious groups and advocating their precarious position to bring about effective change so that they can enjoy the same rights as other citizens.

The IHRC is headquartered in London, England with members around the globe. Its members consist of human rights professionals, lawyers, politicians and academics. The IHRC works, in a collaborative manner, with International and National Partners, including States, United Nations, EU Institutions, NGOs and human rights activists to promote freedom of religion or belief.

It has experience of working particularly in Asia and the Middle East, given the human rights violations in those regions. In this regard, advice and training are regularly provided on country specific issues through independent expert reports.

The IHRC is in the process of applying for Consultative Status with ECOSOC.

Our Commitment to Human Rights

We are committed to working on difficult situations, where long term attention is required to bring about change. This is why we are the leading NGO on Ahmadi persecution, a community which has been marginalised for decades by state sponsored persecution but whose issues have not been prominently highlighted internationally and we hope by doing so we can bring about real change and freedom of religion for all in places like Pakistan.

We work closely with a broad range of local and international civil society organisations to bring attention to issues and to advocate change more progressively. This could be in South Asia, working collaboratively on projects for Christians, Hindus and other minorities to improve the human rights situation on the ground to the Middle East and Europe. Our work is guided by international human rights law which forms the framework for us to act. 

Our Mission


Religious Freedom is one of our core principles. We believe that all individuals should not only have the right to choose the religion of their choice but also to practise that religion freely which is a basic human right which must be protected. This includes the right to not follow or practise any religion or belief.


We believe in a just and durable rule of law where all citizens are protected. We work to promote fairness, justice and basic citizenship rights which we believe will advance and protect human rights.

By focusing international attention on the violation of human rights of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community, we give voice to the oppression faced by Ahmadi Muslims endeavouring to bring the perpetrators of such crimes to account.