Action required IHRC is very concerned about recent developments in Algeria. We urge the international community to put pressure on Algeria to release Ahmadi detainees and to uphold the fundamental right of freedom of religion. Summary                                          After a two-year hiatus, the Algerian government has resumed its aggressive persecution of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community, announcing [...]

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INCIDENT REPORT - Download PDF Members of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community, Algeria, have been persecuted and harassed particularly in the past few years. Recently, the Government has embarked on raiding the residences and meeting places of the Community and picking up the members accusing them of blasphemy, contempt of the Holy Quran and the [...]

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Algeria: New Trials Shake Ahmadi Minority

More Than 50 Tried in December on Charges Relating to Religion (Beirut) – Algerian authorities have stepped up trials of members of the Ahmadiyya religious minority on charges related to the exercise of their religion, Human Rights Watch said today. Sentences range from fines to a year in prison. Human Rights Watch received information [...]

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HRW Urges Algeria to Stop Persecuting Religious Minorities

Human Rights Watch (HRW) called on the Algerian government to halt its persecution and hate speech against religious minorities in the country after authorities proceeded to a crackdown on the followers of the Ahmadi sect. HRW raised the alarm concerning the discrimination endured by religious minorities in Algeria following the arrest of the President [...]

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Algeria finds sect leader guilty of ‘offending Islam’

An Algerian court on Wednesday found the head of the country's tiny Ahmadi community guilty of "offending Islam" and handed him a six-month suspended sentence, his lawyer said. "Mohamed Fali was handed a six-month suspended sentence. He was found guilty of unauthorised fundraising and offending the Prophet and Islam," Salah Dabouz said. While Ahmadis [...]

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Algeria: Stop Persecuting a Religious Minority

(Beirut) – The arrest of Mohamed Fali, president of Algeria’s Ahmadiyya community on August 28, 2017, is the latest example of a crackdown on the religious minority, Human Rights Watch said today. Scores of Ahmadis have been prosecuted since June 2016, and some imprisoned for up to six months. Senior government officials have at [...]

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Algeria: Wave of arrests and prosecutions of hundreds of Ahmadis

Algeria must halt its clampdown against members of the minority Ahmadiyya religious movement, said Amnesty International today, ahead of the appeal hearing on 21 June of six Ahmadis sentenced to up to four years in prison for charges relating to the exercise of their religion. At least 280 Ahmadi men and women have faced [...]

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