Community Threatened for Friday The 10th 2023. Brutalities Against Ahmadi Muslims in Bangladesh Persists as Women Were Attacked and Mosque Was Set Ablaze

INCIDENT REPORT - Download PDF The world is now fully aware that members of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community in Bangladesh suffered horrific brutalities at the hands of terrorising extremist Muslim clergy who destroyed Ahmadiyya properties, killed Ahmadi youth, destroyed, and put on fire a large number of residential houses and business premises. During the [...]

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Vicious And Fatal Attack Against the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community’s Annual Convention in Bangladesh

INCIDENT REPORT - Download PDF The International Human Right Committee (IHRC) is shocked to learn about the violent attack which took place on March 03 2023, at the inaugural day of the 98th annual convention of Ahmadi Muslims in Bangladesh, held at Ahmednagar, Panchagarh. Religious fanatics incited by extremist clerics attacked the convention as [...]

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PRESS RELEASE - Download PDF With deep sorrow and sadness this is to inform you all that a dead body of a newborn of only three days of age was thrown out by a group of Muslim clerics from a grave just after a few hours of burial. This brutish act was committed because [...]

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A life of constant fear for the Ahmadiyyas in Bangladesh

Photo:Syed Zakir Hossain This is not education. This is an intentional act to spread lies and misinformation to affect people’s perception of us. These are propaganda to stir up hostile feelings and direct aggression towards us “There are people who do not consider Muhammad (Pbuh) the last prophet. The Quadiani community is among them. [...]

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