June 20th, 2023
Bangladesh, Incident ReportJune 20th, 2023

Human Rights Groups Call for the Prosecution and Deportation of “Extremist” Bangladeshi Cleric from The United Kingdom

Two international human rights organizations called upon British authorities to deport visiting Bangladeshi Muslim cleric Enayetullah Abbasi, citing his history of death threats to Hindus, Christians, and Ahmadi Muslims and other minorities. The International Human Rights Committee (IHRC) and the Forum for Religious Freedom-Europe (FOREF) say Abbasi’s violent rhetoric is “a direct threat to British subjects, religious freedom, and public order in the United Kingdom.”

Abbasi is chief of the Tehreek-e-Khatme, a radical Islamist group.

“Enayetullah Abbasi has repeatedly called for the murder by beheading or other punishment of ‘reformers,’ Ahmadi Muslims, members of the LGBT community, secular bloggers, Christians, and all non-Muslims,” according to Dr. Aaron Rhodes, President of FOREF.

“Now he is bringing the message that Ahmadi Muslims should be killed to the U.K.” (video)

“His incitement to violence falls far outside the limits of free speech, and violated the U.K.’s legal standards, as well international law under Article 20 of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (ICCPR), which bans incitement to violence,” Rhodes said.

Abbasi is reportedly a guest of ION, a “cultural video platform.”

Nasim Malik, of the IHRC, said Abbasi has frequently called for the murder of Ahmadi Muslims in Bangladesh and elsewhere.

“According to an IHRC delegation that recently visited Bangladesh, Abbasi incited the March 3, 2023, attack on the Ahmadi community that resulted in at least one death, hundreds of injuries, and widespread destruction of Ahmadi homes, businesses, and a medical clinic,” Malek said.

The two organizations say Abbasi is a threat not only to non-Muslims and members of minority groups, but to the UK’s tradition of freedom and pluralism.

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English translation and transcript of the video in which the extremist cleric calls for death penalty for Ahmadi Muslims:

Previously our demand was limited to declaring Qadianis as non-Muslims. Now, that is not enough.

Now our demand is to declare Qadianis as non-Muslims and ensure death- penalty for them. Because they are `heretics’.

According to Islamic Shariah, `heretics’ must die.

We will exert to extremism as the Qadiani agents keep on raising their voice.

People say, there’s no extremism in Islam. This is wrong. There’s no fascism in Islam, but extremism is allowed. Islam allows extremism, liberalism and neutralism- all are applicable according to ground reality. As Bangladesh is a democratic country, we demanded Qadianis be declared as non-Muslims.

But our demand has been extended, as there are Qadiani agents in the government. And media is also in their favour,`intellectuals’ are in their favour.

Now our demand goes even higher! Qadianis should be declared as non- Muslims and death-penalty should be ensured for them.


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